Time versus Magnitude Graphs Jan 2014

These graphs represent Time versus Magnitude for the 24 hour period marked in the title, and coincide with the maps on the main pages, in UTC.
Magnitude is on the Y axis ( vertical, generally M-0.5 to M6.5 (or higher)) , the Time is on the X axis (horizontal, 00:00 to 24:00)
The top block of graphs contain combine preliminary data from the Contributing Networks mentioned in the “about” page, namely;
usgs, emsc, geonet, jma, can, bbnet, gfzp, bgs, au, and nied

The magnitude marked on the larger M4.5+ events is the largest magnitude recorded for that event.
Click on image for larger version.

preliminary data

22.01.2014 TvM graph22/01/2014

21.01.2014 TvM graph21/01/2014

20.01.2014 TvM graph20/01/2014

19.01.2014 TvM graph19/01/2014

18.01.2014 TvM graph18/01/2014

17.01.2014 TvM graph17/01/2014

16.01.2014 TvM graph16/01/2014

15.01.2014 TvM graph15/01/2014

14.01.2014 TvM graph14/01/2014

13.01.2014 TvM graph13/01/2014

12.01.2014 TvM graph12/01/2014

11.01.2014 TvM graph11/01/2014

10.01.2014 TvM graph10/01/2014

02.01.2014 TvM graph02/01/2014

01.01.2014 TvM graph01/01/2014


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