Browser specific slideshow instructions

All browsers

To move forwards in the slideshow click the image or use the large chevrons at the side of the central image to go forwards and backwards.

To exit the slideshow press Esc on the keyboard or click on the small X in the top left corner.

Viewing the full image

Firefox and Comodo IceDragon: Right click on the image and select “View Image”. The full size image will replace the slideshow. Use the Back button to get back to the slideshow.

Chrome: Right click the image and select “Open image in new tab”. Dispose of the new tab when finished.

Opera: Right click on the image and select Open image (inagename). You are on your own after that as Opera seems to get confused when you click on the Back button.

Internet Explorer (8): No facility is available to view the single image full size and the image in the slideshow is off set. Basically change to Chrome or Firefox.

Safari: Unable to test this. Perhaps a Safari use could leave instructions in a comment. Thanks.


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